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Mahindra South Africa and Survivor SA

Mahindra South Africa is set to give away a brand-new Mahindra XUV500 to a lucky fan of Survivor SA
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Mahindra South Africa has entered into a sponsorship agreement with DStv and the Survivor SA producers. With Mahindra South Africa on board as a vehicle sponsor as well as an advertiser for the series, fans of the show stand a chance to win an Automatic Mahindra XUV500 W8 vehicle. The Mahindra XUV500 has been marked as one of the most rugged and resilient SUV’s in the Mahindra range and is available in 4 model derivatives.

Survivor SA is a local favorite and was recently filmed in the Phillipines. The series, in which 18 contestants battle out for the winning title, has just started airing on television.

Newly appointed CEO of Mahindra South Africa Mr Rejesh Gupta said “When DStv presented us with the opportunity to associate ourselves with Survivor, whose fundamental purpose is to put contestants to the test in the harshest conditions where they have to outwit, outplay and outlast their fellow [...]

Exciting revelation from Mahindra SA reveals the development of assembly line facility in South Africa for specific Mahindra vehicles. The facility will be based around 30km north of Durban and is set to be opened at the end of May.

Certain vehicles will now be locally assembled for both the local and export market. Mahindra’s presence in South Africa is bound to intensify with this news, which follows soon after the announcement of the newly appointed CEO of Mahindra SA, Mr Rajesh Gupta. Mr Gupta takes the place of Mr Sanjoy Gupta who is taking up a senior role at Mahindra & Mahindra India

Mr Gupta has said that this is the ‘next step’ for Mahindra to become a true automotive player in South Africa. He said further that, “This will offer us a [...]

Mahindra Cape Town South in  Ottery opened its doors on February 1st of 2018, establishing itself as an addition to the Mahindra brand that has been flourishing in South Africa since 2004.
Mahindra Ottery is a division of North Motor Enterprises, a reputed, diverse and independent group. Numerous dealerships have thrived under the North Motor Enterprises umbrella as a result of their focus on consumer orientated practices as well as their team of dedicated individuals.
Servicing Cape Town South is Mahindra Ottery which is conveniently located on Ottery Road, accessible via the M5 and Strandfontein Road. This dealership offers the full range of Mahindra Vehicles including sought after SUV’s and light commercial vehicles.

Meet the Team

Richard Jacobs
Position: Dealer Principle
Years of experience: 30 years in the industry and [...]

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